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Independent Rock Band Slightly Off Center Announces New EP Release: "Reverie (Vol. I)"

Reverie (Vol. I)
Slightly Off Center
Slightly Off Center

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — North American rock band SLIGHTLY OFF CENTER released a new EP — “Reverie (Vol. I)” — today, March 19, 2024. The guitar-laden songs explores the long road traveling through life’s phases, going down unexpected turns, passing valleys up to elating surprises, then facing forward and doubling down on what lies ahead.

The four-piece band is a collection of longtime friends reunited after decades of journeying down their own separate paths.

In addition, the band released a video for their single "Strange Love", filmed while recording in a remote cabin in the foothills of South Carolina, to accompany the track.

“Being our first self-produced EP, the process had a steep learning curve. Some music came easily, others did not. We had our usual artistic conflict at times, but overall it was a wonderful collaboration of old friends,” said guitarist and vocalist Patrick Holland about the recording experience.

“We’ve all had this desire to write songs and make music for most of our lives, but life took its course and led each of us down different roads. One day, we finally decided it’s either now or never. Life isn’t going become an easier or less busy,” added vocalist and bassist Eric Tabone.

"We’ve each lived these vastly different lives and have so much to say through our songs. Let’s just do it. After the first session, the recording of "In the Middle", it all just felt right. We each brought our own experience and flavor to the music. We knew we couldn’t just stop at one song,” Tabone continued.

Formed officially in 2020, the inception of SLIGHTLY OFF CENTER goes back to 2002 as a musician’s collective. Reuniting years later, they decided to record a project.

SLIGHTLY OFF CENTER is Eric Tabone (Vocals, Bass), Patrick Holland (Guitar, Vocals), Brandon Berube (Guitar) and Andy Cary (Drums).

“Reverie (Vol. I)” is available for listening on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

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